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Turn to Your Teen to Teach Your Parent About Technology

Each year, Pew Research Center releases the latest data on internet usage. In 2018, the organization found 66 percent of seniors over the age of 64 are using the internet. Seven percent of seniors own and use smartphones.

Elderly Care in Valley Stream NY: Teaching Seniors About Technology

Elderly Care in Valley Stream NY: Teaching Seniors About Technology

Is your parent using technology? Do they want to? If they are using technology, do they really know what they’re doing? Your teen is a great resource for making sure your parent knows everything there is to know. Here are lessons teens can teach seniors about technology.

Teach Your Parents How to Create Safe Passwords.

Passwords must be kept secure. Your parent also needs to avoid easy-to-guess passwords like “admin,” “12345,” and “password.” Your teen can teach your parent how to pick a secure password. Your parents could also learn how to use a password generator with your teen’s help.

Teach Your Parents How to Spot Scams.

Scams can hit your parents through pop-up ads, emails, and text messages. Have your teen go over the common scams and how to identify a real threat from a scam. Your teen could also make sure your parent’s privacy settings are set up to help keep spam email and unwanted pop-ups away.

Teach Your Parents How to Search for Information or Websites.

Your parent is likely going to use the internet to search for recipes, businesses, news, and other information. Do they know how to run a search? If not, your teen can teach them. Your teen could also teach them how to look for reputable sites versus those that might have malware.

Malware, spyware, and viruses can be included in this information. Your teen should explain the differences between each and make sure your parent knows what to do to prevent them.

Teach Your Parents How to Update Software.

Using a computer requires regular updates for security. Does your parent know what to do? Most programs automatically update on their own, but glitches can keep software from properly installing.

Have your teen teach your parent want to do if software needs updating. They should teach your mom or dad how to see if the software is current.

While your teen can help your parent stay safe on the internet, your mom or dad might need help staying safe in their own home. If they’re forgetting to take medications, never cleaning their bathroom, or avoiding laundry, it can put their health at risk. Lack of socialization also affects overall health.

Elderly care services offered by caregivers cover these needs. Caregivers keep seniors company. They can cook, clean, and launder clothing and linens.

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