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Get to Know Your Parents’ Neighbors – It Can Help Out in an Emergency

Unless you’re with your parents 24/7, an emergency can pose difficulties. Some emergencies don’t require fire, police, or paramedics. When these emergencies arise, who is nearby to help?

Caregiver in Plainview NY: Getting to Know the Neighbors

Caregiver in Plainview NY: Getting to Know the Neighbors

Your mom went outside and accidentally locked herself out. It’s raining and you’re an hour away and at work. If you leave now to unlock the door for her, you miss a partial day of work and either lose the pay or have to burn up some personal or vacation time. If your mom could go next door and wait, you wouldn’t worry about her being in the cold rain for hours.

During a thunderstorm, a tree fell and broke your dad’s window. You live hours away. Contractors are swamped and can’t get out to help him until tomorrow. In the meantime, rain is pouring into his house. He doesn’t have a piece of plywood or a tarp, and he doesn’t drive anymore. A neighbor may have the items he needs to temporarily cover the window to keep out the rain.

The Benefits of Neighbors.

It’s not as common in every community for neighbors to get to know one another, but they should. The above examples are exactly why it helps to know your parents’ neighbors. If they need help and you’re hours away, they could go to a neighbor’s house to wait or to ask for help.

If your parents live alone, would anyone notice if they hadn’t been active recently? That’s another reason why it’s good to know their neighbors. Neighbors might notice that newspapers are piling up. They can knock on the door or call you to find out if your parents are in town or if there’s a problem.

In return, there may be things your parents can do to help their neighbors. Say your mom’s neighbor just had a baby and needs someone to watch the sleeping infant while the neighbor takes a shower. It becomes a win-win situation. Instead of stressing out over how to get things done, neighbors can walk next door and offer or request help.

You Can Also Keep Your Parent Safe With a Caregiver’s Help.

Neighbors can make a difference in an emergency. It’s even better to try to avoid some emergencies. Rather than having your parent living alone all day and night, hire caregivers to perform period check-ins. Someone can come to your parents’ home, make sure they have help with laundry, housework, and meals, and leave at the end of the allotted time.

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Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy serves as President and CEO of Companion Home Care of Long Island whose corporate office is located in Melville, NY. Companion Home Care is a non-medical home care agency serving the elderly and others needing assistance and supervision with daily living activities, throughout Western Suffolk, Nassau, Queens Counties, since 2004.

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