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When to Schedule Home Care Providers

If you are taking care of an elderly relative and need some time away, you can look into hiring home care providers to come to the house and take care of them while you are out. Home care providers are professionals when it comes to assisting seniors with their daily needs. But how can you figure out the best schedule to meet everyone’s needs?

Home Care in Commack NY: When to Schedule Home Care Providers

Home Care in Commack NY: When to Schedule Home Care Providers

Analyze Your Elderly Relative’s Daily Routine.

Depending on their physical and mental condition, your elderly relative needs an array of services from someone to help them from the minute they wake up until night. You both need to look at the daily routine and see what goes into a day.

For example, an aging adult may want to shower every morning, or she may want to shower once every few days. Maybe an elderly man likes to go to the senior center when they host luncheons but is no longer driving himself. Regardless of what activities they are used to doing, your aging relative can help track down the most essential parts of their daily routine.

Identify Where They Need Help.

You and your elderly parent can go through the tasks that they feel comfortable doing as well as those where they require someone to help or to do it completely. You should be specific, such as “Mom can shower herself but needs assistance with dressing.” By breaking down each part of their day, you’ll be able to find the home care provider with experience in the areas your elderly relative needs.

Set Up a Schedule.

Try to set up a schedule that brings the home care provider in when your relative needs them most. You’ll also want to include your respite time as well. For example, your aging relative might need help getting ready in the morning, with showering, dressing, and breakfast. Your part-time job is also in the mornings.

It makes sense to have a home care provider come to your aging loved one’s house every morning to give assistance, then you take over when you finish work for the day. Companies with home care providers are very flexible and can direct their employees to be there when you need them most.

Start Slow and Build Up.

It’s a big adjustment to start working with a home care provider, so many families choose to do a trial run. This allows the aid to help a few times to get everyone used to things before you officially leave them with the aging adult. After a few visits, usually everyone is comfortable enough to implement the arrangement fully.  If there is a personality conflict for any reason between your elderly relative and the person caring for them, talk to the company about sending another person on a trial run.

It’s one thing to recognize that you and your aging relative need to hire a home care provider. It’s quite another to bring someone into the house and put them to work. The more details you have about the time of day and the duties needed, the closer you and your loved one will be to finding the right fit in a home care provider.

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Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy serves as President and CEO of Companion Home Care of Long Island whose corporate office is located in Melville, NY. Companion Home Care is a non-medical home care agency serving the elderly and others needing assistance and supervision with daily living activities, throughout Western Suffolk, Nassau, Queens Counties, since 2004.

Dorothy’s core expertise includes an extensive background of more than 38 years, focusing on Home Care, Senior Care and operating a successful in-home care agency.

In her spare time she enjoys her 5 grandchildren, gardening, skiing and competition 8-Ball.
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