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Conversations to Have with Your Parent During Holiday Visits That Might Indicate They Need Care

Spending time with your aging parent during the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to draw closer and make memories you can carry with you well into the future. But it is not just the chance to bond that makes sitting down with your parent during the holidays an important part of your family caregiver role. When you take this time to have conversations with your parent during the holidays you also allow yourself to identify new difficulties your parent is facing, symptoms of new challenges, and other issues that indicate your parent would benefit from dedicated care.

Some conversations to have with your parent during holiday visits that might indicate they need care include:

Senior Care in New Hyde Park NY: Holiday Conversations that Indicate Your Parent Needs Care
Senior Care in New Hyde Park NY: Holiday Conversations that Indicate Your Parent Needs Care

● Talk about their physical health. Ask your parent how they are feeling and if they are having any health problems. Remember may seniors will try to minimize problems, so if your parent says something “hurts a little” or “is bothering them”, take note. Write down anything that concerns you so you can talk to their doctor about it.
● Talk about their mobility. Ask about how your parent feels navigating their home and handling tasks. Specifically ask about their balance, joint pain and flexibility, and any recent falls. If your parent indicates they have fallen more recently, or that they are having difficulty moving around, this may be the time to help them find ways to manage these difficulties.
● Talk about their emotional health. Ask your parent how they are feeling emotionally. Specifically talk about whether they feel lonely and isolated, if they might be dealing with depression or anxiety, and if there is anything they might need help and support with. This could show they are in need of companionship and emotional support.
● Talk. Pay attention to how your parent speaks to you during your regular conversations with them. Repeating themselves, not being able to follow the conversation, or saying strange things could be an indication of cognitive functioning decline or other issues such as hearing loss.

Starting senior care for your aging parent is not an indication you don’t care about your parent, or don’t want them to live their highest quality of life. Instead, it is a show of your love for your parent and your desire to make sure they live the best life possible as they age in place. When you bring a senior home care services provider into your care efforts for your parent, you are ensuring they will get everything they need, when and how they need it, regardless of your personal ability to manage these needs. This means even if you live far from your parent, have your own challenges, or have a busy schedule, you can still feel confident your loved one can manage their needs in the ways that are right for them.

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Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy serves as President and CEO of Companion Home Care of Long Island whose corporate office is located in Melville, NY. Companion Home Care is a non-medical home care agency serving the elderly and others needing assistance and supervision with daily living activities, throughout Western Suffolk, Nassau, Queens Counties, since 2004.

Dorothy’s core expertise includes an extensive background of more than 38 years, focusing on Home Care, Senior Care and operating a successful in-home care agency.

In her spare time she enjoys her 5 grandchildren, gardening, skiing and competition 8-Ball.
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