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Is it Just a Senior Moment or Something to Worry About?

At a certain age, your aging adult is likely to become concerned about any situation that could be construed as the beginning of a cognitive decline. But is it really something to worry about or not?

Home Care in Valley Stream NY: When to Worry About Memory Problems

Home Care in Valley Stream NY: When to Worry About Memory Problems

Forgetting What Today Is.

If your elderly family member has a fairly relaxed schedule, it’s easier than either of you might think to lose track of what day of the week it is. When each day has an easier flow, it starts to look like the ones around it. If she’s forgetting what month or what season it is, though, that can be something to pay a little more attention to. Something that can help if this bothers your senior is to use a calendar that highlights the current day.

Losing Track of a Due Date.

Along with forgetting what day it is, your senior might once in a while forget a due date for something. This might be for something simple, like returning a video to a kiosk. It could also be something a little more annoying, like a bill. Regardless, forgetting a due date is something everybody does now and again. It’s more of a concern when it starts to happen all the time. This can be a sign that your elderly family member is losing more touch with timing.

Losing Items She Uses Regularly.

Lots of items that your senior uses on a daily basis can seem to sprout legs and wander off. This is especially true for items like reading glasses or pens. It’s a cause for concern if your elderly family member is losing lots of items all the time. It’s an even bigger situation if she’s blaming you or other people for their disappearance. When she honestly believes that someone is stealing or hiding belongings that can point to paranoia.

Forgetting a Word or a Name.

If you’ve ever forgotten a name or a word that you were trying to use in a sentence, you’re aware of how frustrating that can be. You also know how common that situation is. For your senior, this could point to a memory problem, but it could just as easily be nothing big at all. It’s time to be concerned when your elderly family member doesn’t seem to be able to follow conversations and inserts complete nonsense instead of contributing.

Any time that you or your elderly family member are genuinely concerned about whether she’s experiencing normal memory issues, make sure that you talk with her doctor. Her doctor can run tests to help you to determine what’s really going on. In the meantime, having a schedule that includes visits from home care providers can help your senior to anchor herself and get the benefit of their help, too.


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