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Helping Your Parent Cope with the Emotional Impact of a Heart Attack

There are more than 735,000 heart attacks in the United States each year. Of these, more than 200,000 occur in people who have already suffered heart attacks. As a family caregiver, it is extremely important to understand that while heart attacks can have extensive and lasting physical effects on your parent, this is not where the impact ends. Many who experience heart attacks struggle with emotional effects. Helping your parent to deal with this impact effectively is critical to getting them through recovery and enabling them to live a healthier lifestyle through recovery and beyond.

Elderly Care in Sayville NY: The Emotional Impact of a Heart Attack

Elderly Care in Sayville NY: The Emotional Impact of a Heart Attack

Some ways you can help your parent cope with the emotional impact of a heart attack include:

  • Acknowledge what they are going through. Just letting your parent know they are dealing with serious emotions and acknowledging that these are normal can help your parent to feel less uncomfortable and be more willing to be open, honest, and straightforward about what they are going through. This type of honesty makes it easier for them to seek the support and management they need.
  • Encourage them to seek out support, such as from a support group or a therapist. There are many support groups available for those who have suffered heart attacks that will give your parent a place to express their emotions, get advice, and recognize that they aren’t alone.
  • Recognize that your parent might be feeling fear regarding their future after a heart attack. They might struggle with worrying about their ongoing health, their future lifestyle, and even their mortality. Help them to address this fear and work through it gently and carefully.
  • Help your parent to work around serious changes or impacts they might have experienced so they can still enjoy a high quality of life. This means even if they are not able to pursue some of their goals or activities due to their heart attack, they can still find other ways to stimulate their mind, engage in the world around them, and enjoy their best life as they age.


Elderly care can be instrumental in helping your aging parent cope with the emotional and physical impact of a heart attack. As a family caregiver, you know how much this severe medical emergency can influence your senior’s health, well-being, and quality of life as they age in place. The effects of a heart attack can last long after your parent is discharged from the hospital and even after they have healed from the attack. An elderly home care services provider can help them to deal with needs such as making good lifestyle choices, living a healthy a daily life including getting good nutrition and enough exercise, staying compliant with medications and other guidelines, and dealing with the emotions that come with a heart attack. This can help both of you to feel more confident after this event, and reduce the strain both during and after recovery.

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Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy serves as President and CEO of Companion Home Care of Long Island whose corporate office is located in Melville, NY. Companion Home Care is a non-medical home care agency serving the elderly and others needing assistance and supervision with daily living activities, throughout Western Suffolk, Nassau, Queens Counties, since 2004.

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