The NHTSA released statistics on drivers and accidents every year. In 2016, there were 41.7 million drivers aged 65 and older. Just over 7,000 of them were involved in fatal crashes. Almost 300,000 were seen in emergency rooms following a car crash.


Senior Care in Commack NY: Senior Driving

Senior Care in Commack NY: Senior Driving


Changes to eyesight, mobility, and reaction times can all impact driving as you get older. To account for some of these common changes, car manufacturers are trying to add safety features that will make up for changing abilities.


These are some of the latest trends in cars…


Dynamic Brake Support or Crash Imminent Braking Systems

These braking systems go hand in hand with forward-collision warning systems. If something darts in front of the car, traffic ahead suddenly stops, or another front-end collision is about to happen, a car with dynamic braking support will apply more pressure if the driver isn’t reacting correctly. With crash imminent braking, the brakes automatically kick in before the driver reacts and stop the car before the collision happens.


Easy Ingress and Egress

Changes to mobility from arthritis or weaker muscles can make it hard to get in and out of some cars. Cars designed with easy ingress and egress are easier to climb in and out of. This is usually done by having wider doors and seats that don’t sit as low to the ground and require bending down or squatting in order to get into the car.


Forward-Collision Warning System

Forward collision warning systems give an audible alert if a car is coming up too fast on an obstacle in front of the car. If the driver still doesn’t react, this system usually goes hand in hand with automatic braking systems.


Lane Departure Warning System

If a driver is drifting into another lane, an audible alert goes off to help the driver get back in the lines. It can also help detect obstacles in the blind spot. Some systems also have lane keeping support technology that takes over the steering or braking if the driver isn’t doing enough to stay in the lane.


Rearview Backup Cameras

A camera on the back of the car, usually built into the trunk, helps with visibility as a driver backs up. It can help someone driving catch children or animals that are too low for the usual line of vision. It also gives better visibility to obstacles approaching from the side.

As abilities change, you need to be honest with your parent and tell them when they are not safe drivers. It’s hard, but it’s better than having your parent cause an accident that harms another person.

Home care aides provide transportation services. Your parents may not be able to drive, but they have a caregiver to escort them to stores and offices. Talk to a home care specialist to discuss transportation when your parents no longer drive.


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