Having diabetes increases the chances that your aging relative will have problems with their feet. That’s because diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves in the feet.


Elderly Care in New Hyde Park NY: Diabetic Foot Tips

Elderly Care in New Hyde Park NY: Diabetic Foot Tips


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 70 percent of diabetics have peripheral neuropathy, which is causes numbness and tingling in the feet. The numbness can mean the older adult does not feel pain when something is wrong with their feet. As a result, they may have a small injury, like a blister, that becomes infected and turns into a much larger problem. Helping your older family member care for their feet can help them avoid such problems. Below are some tips for foot care for diabetics.


Keep Feet Clean

The older adult should wash their feet every day using soap and warm water. This removes germs from the feet and provides an opportunity to look for blisters and cuts. To dry the feet, pat them with a towel instead of rubbing them. Make sure they are completely dry, especially between the toes. Put lotion on the feet to keep the skin from getting too dry and cracking. However, don’t put lotion between toes.

Washing and moisturizing feet can be difficult for seniors who cannot bend easily to reach them. An elderly care provider can wash, dry, inspect, and moisturize their feet for them.


Protect Feet with Shoes, Slippers, or Socks

Diabetics should never go barefoot as it increases the chance of a foot injury. Instead, they should wear shoes, slippers, or socks at all times. Before putting shoes or slippers on, check them to make sure there are no pebbles or other debris in them that could damage the foot.

An elderly care provider can remind the senior to put their shoes or slippers on. They can also check to make sure there is nothing in them before the older adult slips their foot in.


Trim Toenails Properly

When trimming toenails, cut them straight across the toe without cutting down into the corners. File the toenails to remove sharp edges. Never trim the cuticles on toes. Toenails can be easier to clip after a bath or shower when they are soft.

Because many seniors can’t bend down to trim their toenails or lack the hand strength to clip them, an elderly care provider can help. Not only can an elderly care provider trim toenails, but they can paint them, too!


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