Dentures can be a wonderful tool for your elderly parent, easing discomfort, increasing their confidence, and improving their nutrition.
Despite these benefits, if your senior is new to dentures, they may find it difficult to get used to the feeling of them. This can make it challenging for your parent to get accustomed to wearing and using them on a regular basis. As their family caregiver, you can encourage your parent to get used to their dentures and use them properly so they can experience the most benefit from them.


Home Health Care in Bellmore NY: Senior Dentures

Home Health Care in Bellmore NY: Senior Dentures


Use these tips to help your senior get used to dentures:


-Encourage your parent to wear their dentures as much as possible as they get used to them. They may feel strange or foreign, but the only way your parent will get accustomed to them is by wearing them. Talk to their dentist about how much they should wear them at first and encourage them to follow these guidelines.


-Make sure your parent lets you know if they are feeling any type of pain. They may be uncomfortable or feel strange, but they should not cause any pain. If they are, your parent should immediately inform their dentist so this can be managed effectively.


-Help your parent understand that use of these dentures will take practice. This means practicing eating, drinking, and talking while wearing them. They will only master these tasks by trying them until they are used to them.


-Encourage your senior to care for their dentures properly from the very beginning. This includes taking them out and rinsing them after eating, brushing them with an appropriate product, and soaking them overnight. Caring for them properly from the beginning will make this a part of their routine and they will be accustomed to it.


One of the most important things to keep in mind throughout your journey as a family caregiver is that you do not have to take on everything yourself.

Just because you have taken on the responsibility of being a caregiver doesn’t mean you are the only one who can fulfill care tasks for your loved one. Instead, reach out and accept help from others, including home care, ensures the best care for your loved one and less stress for you. An in-home senior care services provider can offer your aging parent the customized care that fulfills their needs, supports their independence, and encourages them to live the lifestyle that is right for them. Not only does this help your parent to get the care that is right for them, but it also reduces your stress and enables you to use your time, energy, and resources effectively and efficiently.


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