If your elderly family member isn’t getting the right nutrition, her body might not be able to fight off illness as easily and she might start to experience other effects, like loss of muscle mass. Here are some of the roadblocks she might be encountering.


Home Care Services in Commack NY: Senior Nutrition

Home Care Services in Commack NY: Senior Nutrition


The Urge to Cook

As your senior grows older, she may not have as much interest in cooking. It’s one thing to cook for family and friends, but another entirely to cook for just yourself. Your senior may find that she doesn’t enjoy keeping up with all of the other tasks involved in cooking for herself, too, like cleaning out the fridge when leftovers start to go and figuring out what to eat.


Shopping Is a Hassle

Another problem related to cooking can be that shopping for groceries is a hassle. Getting to the grocery store can be difficult and it takes a lot of time and energy to navigate the grocery store. Your senior may find that shopping takes just way too much out of her. Grocery delivery is another option, but it’s not available in all areas and your senior still has to put away the groceries and keep up with when they’ll spoil.


Illnesses and Medications

Sometimes health conditions and the medications that treat them can be part of the problem. Your elderly family member might have little to no appetite, whether that’s part of the illness she’s facing or a side effect of the medications she’s taking to feel better. Talk with her doctor about whether this is the case for your senior and what you can do to help her to get the nutrition that she needs.


Eating Meals Alone

Loneliness and eating meals alone can be really difficult, especially if your elderly family member has always been a social person. Making it a point to eat more meals with your aging family member can help to improve her appetite and ensure that she’s eating enough. If you can’t be there, though, there are other answers. Home care providers can be excellent mealtime companions, too, and they can keep you posted on what your elderly family member eats.

There are lots and lots of factors that could be keeping your elderly family member from getting the biggest nutritional benefits that she could be getting. As you narrow down the list and solve one problem, you might run into one or two other problems. Hiring senior care providers can help you to solve these problems and root out other potential contributing factors.


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