Watching your senior deal with back pain can cause you to hurt as well by proxy. There may not be many treatments available for her depending on the cause of her back pain, but there are some ways you can make life a little easier.


Elder Care in New Hyde Park NY: Senior Back Pain

Elder Care in New Hyde Park NY: Senior Back Pain


Let Her Doctor Know What’s Going On

If your senior is in significant pain and her usual methods of managing it aren’t working, her doctor needs to know. There may be something new or different that her doctor can recommend to help your senior deal better with her pain. Besides medications, physical therapy could be something to consider. If you’re already doing everything that you can do at this point, keeping her doctor informed at least updates her records.


Mattresses Sometimes Need Replacing

Your senior’s mattress may need replacing, especially if it’s been a while since she’s had a new one. Whether the mattress is too soft or too hard, over time it just doesn’t support her back and her body as well as it did when it was brand new. If her needs change as her pain levels change, consider an adjustable mattress that can switch things up as she needs it to do so.


Footwear Matters a Lot

Feet are the foundation of the human body. If your senior’s shoes don’t support her feet well, that travels all the way up her legs and into her back. Take a look at whether her shoes offer the right amount of support or need to be replaced. Something else to consider is that her shoe size may have changed over the years. The proper size shoe with good arch support and a solid sole can give her the support that she needs, even inside the house.


Supportive Chairs Also Help

Back support is a big part of how chairs are supposed to work, too. Most people don’t think about them that way, but it’s important to consider when your senior has a lot of back pain. Lumbar support pads can make almost any seat a great deal more comfortable for your senior. If you don’t have access to one just yet, a rolled-up towel or a small pillow can help quite a bit.

When your senior is in a lot of pain, it’s difficult for her to keep up with normal tasks and activities of daily living. Having help from elderly care providers ensures that she’s able to conserve her energy without sacrificing the quality of life to do so.


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