Your elderly family member’s health and well-being is your highest priority as her caregiver, but that can’t be your goal at the expense of your own life and health. When you start to notice that some of these issues are becoming a problem for you, it’s time to address them as quickly as possible.


Home Care Services in Jericho NY: Caregiving Tips

Home Care Services in Jericho NY: Caregiving Tips



You’re Ignoring Tasks and Chores for Yourself

As you start taking care of more and more for your elderly family member, some aspects of your own life can start to suffer. You might not even notice at first. But the more that you ignore your own needs, the more those needs will start to make themselves known in ways that you don’t expect and probably don’t appreciate. You can’t ignore your own life in favor of your senior’s.


You Feel Like You Can’t Make Decisions

It’s so difficult to keep making decisions when there are constantly new, bigger problems headed your way. You might find that at some point you reach a point of diminishing returns where you feel stumped about even the simplest decisions. Your own feelings can get in the way, especially if they’re contributing to feeling confused and helpless about your situation.


Procrastination Is the Norm Right Now

Decisions are tough enough, but you might also feel as if you just can’t get your brain around any tasks, either. When you’re putting off not only decisions but everything else in your life, even the things that you love to do, that becomes a big problem. As issues and concerns in your own life pop up, handle them right then rather than pushing them to the background and hoping you’ll resolve them later.


Your Relationships Are Suffering

As a caregiver, your biggest relationship right now is probably with your senior. But there are other relationships in your life and your senior’s situation can feel so demanding to you that you neglect those other relationships. It’s really important for your own mental health and overall well-being that you take time to rebuild and to maintain those outside relationships.


If you’re noticing these issues in your own life, that’s a sign that you need more help. Hiring elder care providers can be just the answer that you need to start taking the best care possible of yourself and your senior. They can give you the space that you need to be able to make better choices overall.


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