Something you might forget to factor in as a caregiver is that you’re human, too, and you can easily find yourself under the weather. But what happens if you’re not feeling well and you’re senior still needs help? You need to have a backup plan in place that helps you and your senior to cope.


Home Care in Sayville NY: Caregiver Health

Home Care in Sayville NY: Caregiver Health


Get a List of Backup People Together

Some caregivers and seniors have family members and friends in the area who can pitch in and help during a tough situation. But that’s not always possible. Even with friends and family, you could still find yourself ill and unable to count on backup. Hiring elder care providers can be the perfect solution. They’re able to be there when you need them the most, which is a huge weight off your shoulders when you’re not feeling well yourself.


Put a List of Emergency Contacts Together

You need to have a list of emergency contacts handy anyway, but when it will really pay off for you is when you can’t be there yourself. Your list should include contacts such as yourself, other family members, and her medical team as well. It’s also a good idea to include pharmacy information and any other contacts your senior might reasonably need.


Make Sure You’ve Got an Information Packet Ready

Besides information numbers that are easy to access, you also need an information packet. This needs to contain detailed information about your senior’s needs, her health issues, and anything else that might make it easier for someone else to take care of your elderly family member. This is something you can and should create over time so that you’re getting as much detailed information into the packet as you can.


Let Yourself Heal

If you are under the weather and you have to put your plan in place, relax and let yourself heal. You’re not going to do yourself any favors if you’re worrying and fretting about what you should be doing. Focus your attention and your energy on getting better as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your regular routine. If you try to rush yourself, you might end up sick for longer than you should have been.

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic health issue that flares up periodically or a sudden cold or flu, you need to have a plan so that you’re prepared for what needs to happen for your senior’s care.


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