Your parents are aging and aren’t doing things as quickly as they used to. They may even have stopped trying. You’re frustrated. You don’t want to think of them having limitations. Just as it’s hard for you to adjust and accept the changes they experience, it is equally hard for them.


Caregiver in Jericho NY: Your Parents' Limitations

Caregiver in Jericho NY: Your Parents’ Limitations


It’s okay to embrace their limitations.
That’s important for both you and your parents to understand. Abilities change as you get older, and that’s not a failure or a reason to be ashamed. It’s all part of aging, and it helps you understand your changing roles as you shift to the role of the family caregiver.


What Are Some of the Limitations Older Adults Experience?

Between 2013 and 2015, almost 50 percent of adults 65 or older reported that a doctor had diagnosed them as having arthritis. It’s a common chronic condition that is found to increase the risk of falling by around 2.5 times. Pain relievers, heat, and cold compresses can help ease the pain, but it won’t magically go away.


    • Hearing loss is also limiting. From the age of 65 to 74, the percentage of adults with hearing loss is around 25 percent. Half of those age 75 or older have hearing loss. It can make it impossible to hear traffic noises, phones, doorbells, and fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.


    • High blood pressure isn’t something your parents will feel. It can impact their heart and increase the risk of a stroke. While 75 million Americans are believed to have high blood pressure, only half have it under control.


    • Right now, it’s estimated that 5.8 million men and women in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s disease. Ten percent of people over the age of 64 have the disease, and 66 percent of those people are women. In the next 30 years, it’s expected the number of people will Alzheimer’s will double if a cure or treatment isn’t discovered.


  • Those are some of the issues your mom and dad face. Each one can be extremely limiting. Alzheimer’s disease destroys your ability to get through a day without assistance. Arthritis impacts mobility. High blood pressure and hearing loss are also conditions where home care services help the client live independently at home.


Arranging Home Care Services

Call a home care agency to discuss your parents’ limitations. The right selection of services will help them stay at home without struggling to keep up with daily tasks. Your parents don’t have to give up. With home care, they get to live the life they want with the help they’ve come need.


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