Different forms of dementia, along with many different causes of the disease. Most often, those closest to the elderly are able to see the earliest signs of dementia. These top 12 signs will often come at the beginning stages of the disease. If you are near your loved ones, you will likely see at least some of these signs at the earliest stages of the disease.


Home Health Care in Jericho NY: Early Signs of Dementia

Home Health Care in Jericho NY: Early Signs of Dementia


12 Early Signs of Dementia


Memory loss – This is usually noticed by a spouse or someone else extremely close to a senior. Your elderly loved ones may start to lose memories of the people who have been close to them throughout life and at this point, some of the initial symptoms of dementia are there.

Difficulty doing familiar tasks – There is often difficulty handling some complex tasks that are part of daily life. You may see certain things around your loved one’s home start to change, especially if they start to forget to do the laundry, dishes, or other typical cleaning duties.

Confusion and disorientation – This may include being confused about a time or place, especially in some of their regular situations. If this starts to happen frequently it could be an indicator of dementia. Whether you see it in a loved one or it comes up as an issue, it is important to have elderly care for your loved one in response to these symptoms.

Challenges understanding visual information – Any sort of typical images in your elderly loved one’s world would be potentially confusing throughout dementia.

Problems speaking or writing – This is one of the most common symptoms of dementia in the early stages. As a senior has trouble communicating their thoughts and feelings in general, this often includes difficulty finding words. It may appear as a stutter at times or even a delay, sometimes the written letters won’t make sense when a proper word can’t be found.

Misplacing things – Most often this includes losing some of the most common things like their keys, kitchen items, and other things. This could even include certain things like looking for the previous organization that was held throughout their house, and things start to be placed in different areas. As a visitor, or from the elderly care provided, others may notice that a senior is looking in the usual place where things were kept, though the item itself had been misplaced. This could indicate certain breaks in memory or schedule overall as dementia has started.

Poor judgment or decision-making – Problems with reasoning or problem-solving may exist as the memory starts to slip. Because it is hard to sort through their thoughts and expressions, it is often hard for seniors to solve problems for this reason.

Changes in personality or mood – Many different signs of these changes include inappropriate behavior, depression, agitation, or withdrawal from socializing.

Difficulty with planning and organizing – Similar to the troubles that your senior may have with judgment or reasoning, planning and organizing daily activities or other events can include simple memory and communication.

Psychological changes – Anxiety, Inappropriate behavior, Paranoia, and Hallucinations may indicate that certain psychological changes are taking place for your senior. While these changes may not be definite symptoms of dementia, it is definitely a possible indicator that it is time to see a doctor to start checking for dementia or other memory loss.

Difficulty with visual and spatial abilities – One of these includes getting lost while driving. This may not be something that you see in your senior easily. However, if they are driving to your house for dinner or another family event and you start to notice that it takes them longer than normal to arrive then it may be time to start considering elderly care.

Difficulty with coordination and motor functions – Even more simply, your senior loved ones may have trouble with simple physical activity. It could be something like walking or even eating a meal.


No matter what may become obvious in the signs of dementia in this list, it is important to keep an eye on the activity your senior loved ones present throughout their later years. It is definitely important to notice the early symptoms, as they may indicate it being time for elderly care for your loved one.


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