Your parents likely grew up in a household where answering the phone was required by a certain number of rings. Treating everyone with respect was expected. Those ingrained behaviors can make it easier for older adults to fall for scammers.


Home Health Care in New Hyde Park NY: Senior Scams

Home Health Care in New Hyde Park NY: Senior Scams


Some scams are harder for people to identify as scams. These are some of the lesser-known scams that have fooled older adults.


The Package Delivery Scam

Going back to 2008, there’s a package delivery scam that’s successfully fooled adults around the world. A delivery person shows up with a gift. That gift is unexpected but tempting. To receive the gift, the homeowner has to pay a small delivery fee that’s usually two or three dollars. That fee cannot be paid in cash, it has to be paid with a debit or credit card.

The equipment used to run the card looks official. The story sounds realistic. But, the real goal of the “delivery person” is to get the card number and PIN. With that, the scammer heads off, creates a fake debit card with the magnetic strip and PIN, and uses it to withdraw cash at an ATM.


The Package Return Scam

There’s another type of package scam. Thieves use a stolen card number to purchase a high-end electronic, such as a computer. The item is delivered to the homeowner, who doesn’t remember purchasing the item. They call the store to see what’s going on.

Days later, the delivery person returns saying the order was a mistake. They’re there to pick it up and return it to the store. The delivery person has the return label in hand, but the address on that label is a residential address. If the computer is returned to that address, the thief has the item. The homeowner is responsible for paying for that item because it was signed for in the beginning.


The Death Threat Scam

This is one of the most despicable scams, but it does fool people. You get a call or email from a person claiming to be a hitman Someone has paid that assassin to kill you. The call becomes very aggressive and threatening. If you don’t pay more than the hitman was paid to kill you, he/she will finish the job.

If you worry about your parents being alone and tempted to talk to a stranger, it’s time to arrange elderly care services. Companionship is one of the biggest benefits to elderly care. Your parents have a friend stopping by for a conversation, help around the home, transportation, and more. Call an agency to discuss the options available to them.


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