Do you feel as if your senior is stuck in unhealthy eating habits? That’s not uncommon and there are more solutions than you might think. Give some of these ideas a try.


Caregiver in Valley Stream NY: Senior Healthy Eating

Caregiver in Valley Stream NY: Senior Healthy Eating


Get a Handle on Where She Needs to Be

If you’re not sure what your senior really eats, it’s time to find out. Likewise, you need to talk with her doctor about what she should be eating. That answer is going to take into account all of her existing health issues and how nutrition can impact them. Changing how your senior eats could have real, lasting effects on her health, so it’s important to make the best choices possible.


Opt for Nutritious Foods

You and your senior might be doing some negotiating still about what she’s going to eat. In the meantime, try to lean as heavily as possible toward more nutritious choices. That’s going to mean plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. These give her body the nutrients it needs to keep her going and to build her immune system.


Healthy Fats Need to Make an Appearance

Something else to remember is that healthy fats are just that. They’re a healthy choice that needs to be included for brain and body health. Foods like oily fish, such as sardines and salmon, have omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for a healthy diet. Plant-based fats, like avocados and nuts, are another really solid choice.


Moderation for Everything Else

You don’t have to rule out everything your senior loves to eat just yet. What you might need to do instead is to agree to compromise with her. As long as she’s eating some of the less healthy choices in moderation, that might not be so terrible for her. This is especially true if she’s embraced the other, healthier options.


Eating More Often Can Help

Smaller meals are often a good idea if your senior finds that she doesn’t have a big appetite. She can graze throughout the day on the healthiest options possible and hopefully keep herself full of the nutrients she needs most. This is also a good choice if she’s having a tough time eating the “healthier” choices you’re encouraging her to eat. If they’re more a snack than a meal, that makes a difference mentally.

It’s not easy to make these changes, especially if there’s cooking involved. One solution is to hire elder care providers to take over that aspect of things so that your senior only has to worry about choosing healthier options each day.


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