The colder temperatures of winter can create some new situations for your elderly family member, especially if she’s not as prepared as she could be. Here are some of the details you need to check on for your elderly family member.


Elder Care in Plainview NY: Is Your Senior Ready?

Elder Care in Plainview NY: Is Your Senior Ready?


Make Sure Her Heating Options Function

Furnaces and heaters are just a couple of the many options for cold-weather temperature control. Depending on where your senior lives and what choices she has, she may also use space heaters, fireplaces, and other options. What really matters is that whatever your senior relies on for heating is functioning properly when the weather gets cold. Make sure that your senior is able to do what she needs to in order to keep her home warm.


Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Need Servicing

Another common issue is to have issues with carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. Double-check that the batteries are functional and that the devices themselves are operational. Most of these types of devices offer an easy way to test the device just by pushing a button. If there’s any question at all about the batteries, go ahead and just replace them with fresh ones.


Stay on Top of Icy Surfaces

Freezing rain and ice are a big problem during winter months, mainly because they can leave your senior without a safe surface on which to walk. It’s a good idea to stock up on ice melt. This is a chemical substance that interacts with frozen water, making it melt on contact. There are versions of ice melt that are safe for pets and for lawns and gardens and those are the versions you want to use on a regular basis. They’re very easy to sprinkle on the ground wherever ice might form, even before precipitation falls.


Senior Care Providers Are an Excellent Option, Too

Another really good idea is to hire senior care providers. They can check in on your elderly family members when you’re not able to be there. They can also help to make sure your senior’s home is warm, that she’s not in danger of falling, and that all is well in general. If they do notice anything isn’t going well for her, they can let you know.

Winter can feel like the longest season for your elderly family member, especially if she’s still living on her own in her home. Do what you can to make sure that she’s as safe as possible and that she’s got what she needs.


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