1. Play music

Who doesn’t like music? Ask your senior what kind of music makes them happy and see how playing it affects their mood. It might even take their mind off any health issues or elder care for a bit.


Elderly Care in Jericho NY: Boost Your Senior’s Mood

Elderly Care in Jericho NY: Boost Your Senior’s Mood


2. Dance

When you find the music that they like, encourage them to dance! Moving their body with music is a great way to get them moving and to make them smile as well. If your senior has mobility issues preventing them from standing or walking well, have them move their arms or tap their fingers to the beat.


3. Reminisce

Seniors often like to talk about their past, especially those receiving elder care at home who may not be as social or have many opportunities to share stories with people in their life. Sit down with your senior and ask them about special memories or times in their life that they are proud of, or dig out the old family photo albums and let your senior guide the conversation while you learn about the important history of your family.


4. Bring over the Grandkids

What better way to put a smile on the face of your senior, distract them from their everyday elder care routine, and boost their mood than to bring over their precious grandkids, no matter their age!


5. Invite them to an event

Seniors love to be included so next time you plan a family outing or have a school function that your senior would appreciate attending, pick them up and take them along!


6. Surprise them

It doesn’t have to be anything huge, but surprise your senior with some small token or even just a special visit from a friend or family member they haven’t seen in a while. Everyone loves surprises and this is sure to put your senior in a better mood.


7. Cook their favorite meal

If you don’t already know, ask your senior what their favorite meal is and make it a point to make it special for them. If they would like to help, cook it together! Make memories in the kitchen and then enjoy the meal that you created with love.


8. Include them in family pictures

Have you ever asked your senior parent or loved one to be in your family photos? If not, why not start now? They will enjoy being included and have fun dressing up for the occasion.


9. Spend time with a dog or cat

Studies have shown us that interacting with a pet such as a dog or a cat can lower blood pressure and increase the body’s levels of serotonin. If you don’t have a furry feline or cuddly canine, consider volunteering at a local shelter so both your senior and some pets in need can get a mood boost together.


10. Tell them how much they mean to you

A great way to boost anyone’s mood, especially your senior, is to tell them how much they mean to you and how special they are.


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