Arthritis is a progressive condition that can be the result of injuries or autoimmune reactions. No matter what type of arthritis your senior deals with, they all have pain in common. Your senior is likely to spend a lot of time frustrated, too. These ideas can help.


Homecare in Huntington NY: Senior with Arthritis

Homecare in Huntington NY: Senior with Arthritis


Ask Your Senior What She Needs Most

Talk to your senior about her biggest challenges with arthritis. You might be surprised about some of her answers. There’s a lot that she might struggle with that you’re not able to see. By taking the time to ask her what she’s experiencing and to really listen, you might find the one thing you can do that really makes a massive difference in your senior’s daily life.


Remember There Will Be Good Times and Iffy Times

Everybody with arthritis has good days and bad days. There might be a weather front coming through or your senior might have overdone it a bit the day before. Whatever is going on, you need to make sure you’re both prepared for this ebb and flow that her life is going to have now. Staying flexible about plans and about how to go about handling certain things can help immensely.


Don’t Take Over Too Much

You can go too far, though. Knowing that your senior needs a little bit of help might tempt you into taking over a lot of her daily tasks. But the problem with that is that she’s still capable. Let her be the one to let you know when she needs a little bit of extra help. By stepping in too soon, you’re actually doing her a disservice. Don’t assume that you know what she needs. Open the lines of communication and listen to when she needs help and when she doesn’t.


Gather as Much Information as Possible

It also helps if you learn as much as you can about arthritis in general. Lots of times people, including caregivers, think they know a lot about a condition, but what they know is what they’ve heard over time. Take the time to do some real research and talk with your senior’s doctor about how her arthritis impacts her life. This is going to allow you to make decisions that improve her situation.

Over time your senior may need even more help. Elderly care providers are a great choice when that day comes because they’re able to balance assistance and independence in the ways your senior needs.

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