If your senior parent or loved one is receiving their elderly care at home, you may be trying to find reasons to get them up and moving and out of the house, even for just a few hours a day. It can be common for seniors who are aging in place at home to get stuck in their comfort zone of sitting in front of the television day after day, but we all want more for our seniors than that.


Caregiver in Sayville NY: Get Your Senior Out

Caregiver in Sayville NY: Get Your Senior Out

Here are 5 reasons why your senior needs to get up and get out of their house:


1. Exercise

Elderly people who regularly exercise are better able to maintain the ability to live independently and also have a reduced risk of falling and fracturing their bones. Any kind of movement is good, as physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous in order to achieve health benefits. Encourage the senior in your life to find some sort of activity that gets them moving and will motivate them to get up and out of their home on a regular, if not daily basis.


2. Socialization

It is so important for seniors who receive home care to remain social in order to help prevent or reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation. It’s also easy for many seniors to stay at home where they are most comfortable so help them break the cycle and encourage them to sign up for classes or clubs or other events that will get them out and interacting with peers in their community.


3. Sunlight

Natural sunlight is important to the human body because it causes it to produce vitamin D, which protects against depression, insomnia, and an overactive immune system. Data suggests that the production of vitamin D may also help reduce the risk of hip fractures, stroke, high blood pressure, and even heart attack for older adults who tend to get far less sunlight than others because they are more likely to stay indoors.

Encourage your senior to get some sunlight exposure by taking an early morning or early afternoon walks around their block, or at the very least, open the curtains or shades to let sunlight enter their home and maybe even encourage them to take a break from home care and to get outside for a little while.


4. Routine

Break up the monotony of their normal home care routine by creating new and healthy habits that will be better for your senior parent or loved one. The more they get up and get moving and step outside of their homes, the easier it will be for them and the more often they might want to continue to do so.


5. Fun

Instead of always sitting around at home, getting outside will enable your senior to bring more fun into their lives. Help them find places to explore, new things to try, people to meet, and adventures to take so that aging in place has never been more fun!


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