When your senior is ready to start exercising, it helps her to have some solid goals. Her goals might relate to the different types of exercises she needs to be doing in order to get the best health results. Her doctor can ensure that she’s setting the right goals for where she is now and for where she wants to be.


Homecare in Commack NY: Sorts of Exercise Goals

Homecare in Commack NY: Sorts of Exercise Goals


Muscle Retention Goals

Over time, your senior is bound to lose some of her strength because she’s losing muscle mass. She can slow that process down by exercising moderately and eating plenty of protein. Some of the ways she can build up or retain muscle can include using resistance bands or light hand weights to exercise. Her doctor may have other recommendations to help her to get the right amount of exercise.


Flexibility Goals

If your elderly family member has arthritis or other health conditions that leave her feeling stiff and less limber than she used to be, flexibility exercises can help. Having a specific goal around becoming more flexible can remind her to do things like stretch, warm-up, and cool down. All of this can reduce pain and help to ensure that she’s able to move in the ways she needs to move.


Balance Goals

Like flexibility, balance is important for your senior. Flexibility ensures that she’s able to move well, balance ensures that your senior is able to avoid falling. For your senior, balance goals might be part of her other exercise goals. For instance, water aerobics can help her to build her muscles, but it can also help her to build up her ability to balance better. This is really helpful if her balance is not so great when she starts exercising.


Heart Rate Goals

One of the biggest reasons for your senior to start exercising is to improve her heart and lung health. That means that she needs to get her heart rate into certain ranges for specific amounts of time. Her doctor can help you both to figure out what she can do safely now and what she should work toward as she continues to exercise.

Having goals for her exercise routines ensures that your senior knows where she’s headed and what she most wants to do. If she’s worried about not having the energy to exercise, there are simple answers to that. Senior care providers can handle routine tasks for her, offer companionship, and allow your senior to use her energy where it benefits her most.


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