If your elderly family member is having trouble eating that creates issues in other areas of her life, most notably her ability to remain healthy. Troubleshooting the issues she’s having is important.


Home Care Services in Smithtown NY: Issues Your Senior Has Eating

Home Care Services in Smithtown NY: Issues Your Senior Has Eating


She May Have Issues Digesting What She Eats

Digestive problems sometimes get worse with age, but they can also be a result of health issues or even the medications to treat those health issues. Heartburn, gas, and other digestive problems like pain after eating are all situations that your senior needs to discuss with her doctor. Ruling out serious medical problems is vital. From there, you may be able to find over-the-counter solutions for her that help her to enjoy eating again.


She May Have Trouble Swallowing or Chewing

Chewing and swallowing are other major types of eating problems your senior can have. She may have dental issues that make chewing almost impossible. If your elderly family member hasn’t been to the dentist in a while, it’s definitely time for an appointment. If swallowing is the problem, there might be other things you can try, like offering her softer foods that are easier to swallow. Again, this is a situation that can have medical causes. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what else might be going on.


Concentrate on Solving Problems Easily

There are solutions you can try that might work but that makes eating and meals a chore. You don’t want to do that to your senior. Look for the easiest answers that also keep mealtimes and food itself fun for your elderly family member. Trying new recipes or new techniques can be something you can enjoy together.


High-calorie Foods Are One Solution

If your elderly family member has seriously cut back on how much she’s eating, she may be losing weight or having trouble keeping weight on. Offering her foods that are higher in calories and dense in nutrients can be really helpful, especially if they’re also easy to eat. Homemade milkshakes with plenty of fruits and vegetables included with ice cream are just one example. Try some different ideas to match up with your senior’s preferences.

With a highly specialized diet or special needs at meals, you might not be able to be there for your elderly family member every time you want to be. Home care providers can help your elderly family members to eat and they can help with preparing the right meals to get her the nutrients she needs.


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