The last few times you’ve visited your mom, you’ve noticed she’s not as organized as she used to be. She’s hesitated when it comes to cooking for your family. Her house is a little messier than usual. Her laundry is piling up.


Senior Care in Jericho NY: Senior Care Assistance

Senior Care in Jericho NY: Senior Care Assistance


You’ve helped all you can in the few hours you’re with her. You need to sit down as a family and start a discussion about senior care services.

Making Care Plans


-Your first step is to make a care plan. What have you and others noticed your mom can’t do independently? Is she often forgetting to take her prescription medications? Is she failing to have them refilled or trying to refill them too frequently? That may be a sign that she’s taking too many doses.

-How is she when it comes to keeping up with laundry, housework, dishes, and organizing the home? Is she having a harder time pulling a vacuum up and down the stairs? Can she even lift the laundry hamper down to the basement or laundry room?

-Is she eating well or making it easier for herself by getting takeout or frozen meals? If she’s not eating well, is her lack of nutrition affecting her health? How is she doing when it comes to keeping hydrated? Dehydration is common in older adults, and it can happen at any time of the year. It’s not a condition that’s limited to warm summer days.

-Is your mom lonely? Does she have friends in the area or have they moved away? Is she stuck at home without a ride to a local senior center or her church? If she’s isolated, she may benefit from transportation services and companionship visits.


Setting Up Caregiver Services

Caregivers come as often as your mom needs them. She may be more comfortable starting with a caregiver coming once or twice a month. After she becomes accustomed to what a caregiver does during a visit, your mom may want to increase those visits to a weekly or daily schedule.

To set up senior care services, you could hire private caregivers or call an agency. An agency is your better option. You don’t have to deal with the hiring process, background checks, drug screenings, insurance costs, and payroll taxes.


Call a senior care agency. Answer some questions about the areas of daily living that your mom could use help completing. Learn about the cost of caregivers. Make arrangements for daily, weekly, or whatever schedule best fits your mom’s needs. It’s that easy to arrange senior care.


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