Incontinence is something that can become an issue for anyone at any age, but your senior may be dealing with this issue for the very first time in her life. It’s often embarrassing, and that can make incontinence a negative topic. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways for you and you’re senior to approach incontinence from a positive perspective.


Don’t Make it a Big Deal

When you and your senior talk about incontinence like it’s something scary or something to be ashamed of, that attaches a lot of weight to the conversation. It’s much better for both of you if you’re able to keep the conversation a lot lighter and avoid making incontinence a life or death issue. Incontinence really isn’t that bad as long as you’re prepared and your senior is cared for as well as possible when she’s dealing with a situation.


Practice Discretion

If your elderly family member is embarrassed by what’s going on, trumpeting the news is not going to be helpful. The more discretion you practice, the better. Make sure that incontinence products are tucked away and that when you and your senior talk about what’s going on, you’re in a private conversation. That respect is going to go a long way for your elderly family member.


Think about How You Would Feel

One of the best ways to really gain an understanding of what’s happening and how your senior feels, is to put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel if you were dealing with the situation she is facing? When you do gain that perspective, make sure that you don’t lose it, because that’s going to help you to continue to be compassionate with your senior.


Be Prepared

Another way to gain some headway on positivity around incontinence is to be as prepared as possible. Stocking up on incontinence products that your senior uses and keeping a bag handy with spare clothes can help her to avoid embarrassing situations or being caught by surprise. When you and your elderly family member go somewhere together, it helps to have a bag with supplies handy.

Elderly care providers can be a huge help with all of this. They’re familiar with incontinence and with helping seniors to deal with embarrassing situations with grace. They can also help you to understand more about how to respond positively to some of the situations you and your senior encounter now.


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