More than half of the U.S. has stay-at-home orders in place. Many have also asked non-essential businesses to shut down for now. If your mom needs something that’s not considered essential, what is she to do?

Home Care Services in New Hyde Park NY: Senior Non-Essential Needs

Home Care Services in New Hyde Park NY: Senior Non-Essential Needs


Order Online When Possible

When it’s possible, order items online. Non-essential items in some areas include things like garden supplies, clothing, beauty supplies, electronics, and books. If your mom needs something that isn’t considered essential, online shopping is the best way to get it.

Carefully choose where you purchase items online. Some online retailers are taking up to a month to ship non-essential items. Amazon is one of them. Items that customers need the most, such as cleaning products and toilet paper, take priority in the shipping departments.

See if There’s an Alternative

Is there an alternative that will work for her? If she’s out of skin cream (a beauty product), she could switch to coconut oil or olive oil for now. If she’s out of reading materials in her home, she could go to a site like BookBub or her library’s website and get free online books for now.

Your mom’s favorite hobby is quilting, but arts and crafts have been deemed a non-essential item. She could clean her closet and make quilting squares from clothing that’s stained or torn. She could use old tablecloths, towels, or blankets.

Her favorite hobby is painting, but paints are not essential. She could make her own watercolors with water and food coloring. She could go outside and use items from nature as natural paints. Pureed berries, flower petals steeped in a little water, and grass mashed in a small amount of water all work as natural paints.

Even some essential products are easily made at home and can keep her from needing to go to a store. Bleach and water is a good sanitizing spray. Soak paper towels in a mixture of water and bleach to make disinfecting wipes. White vinegar is a good alternative to fabric softeners.

Make Sure Someone Else is Available to Pick It Up

Stores around the country are offering online ordering with curbside pick-up. Take advantage of it. You can hire elder care aides to pick up items for your mom, deliver them to her home, and help her around her home with meals, cleaning, laundry, and more.

If your mom can’t drive, elder care aides do the driving for her. They offer companionship to help keep her calm at a time when she may be scared. They help her in so many ways, it’s hard to list them all. Talk to an elder care specialist to learn more.


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