Keeping the heart healthy at every age is important. However, when it comes to elderly adults, it is extremely important. Many elderly adults develop heart health issues. If you want to do your best to avoid this with your elderly loved one, you should make sure they are getting proper exercise.


Homecare in Valley Stream NY: Best Exercises For a Healthy Heart

Homecare in Valley Stream NY: Best Exercises For a Healthy Heart


Research shows that regular exercise will help to keep one’s heart-healthy. There are some exercises that may be best for your elderly loved one. However, when you or your loved one’s home care provider take them to the doctor, you should have these exercises cleared before they do them.


Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises for elderly adults. This is an exercise that will engage your loved one’s entire body effectively. It also allows your loved one to exercise at their own pace. Many elderly adults find swimming to work best because it takes the weight off their joints, making it easier to exercise. How does this help the heart? While swimming, the heart will send oxygen-rich blood to the legs, arms, and the core, building up heart strength.


Walking is another great exercise to keep your elderly loved one’s heart-healthy. Just like swimming, when your elderly loved one walks it won’t put too much stress on their body. Walking is a low-risk activity that just about every elderly adult can do. Research shows that walking 5 times a week for 30 minutes at a time is beneficial for the heart.


Your elderly loved one can start practicing yoga if they don’t already. While this isn’t the primary exercise recommended for heart health, it can still help. Yoga helps to build emotional, mental, and physical strength. For anyone trying to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, yoga can help to prevent heart disease, as well. In some cases, it may even reverse some damage that was already done to the heart.


Weight Training

Some elderly adults can do weight training. However, before having your elderly loved one start doing this, it should definitely be cleared by a doctor first. When properly done, weight training is able to help boost heart health in most people. It helps one’s body with processing calories, sugar, and fat properly. In addition, it builds the muscles in the body, helping to make the heart stronger.


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