When you’re helping your mom with spring cleaning, don’t forget her kitchen cupboards. One of the best ways to lower the risk of pantry pests like ants and larder beetles is by getting the cupboards cleaned and organized. These four tips make the task easy to manage.


Home Care Services in Plainview NY: Organize Cupboards

Home Care Services in Plainview NY: Organize Cupboards


Invest in Sealed Containers

Start by purchasing sealed containers. Items that pantry pests target should be stored in airtight containers. Sugars, flours, rice, cereals, and grains are all items you want in sealed containers.

You don’t have to spend a lot. Many discount stores have sets of large containers for less than $10. Make sure you get containers that will fit in the cabinets. You don’t want to spend the money and find the containers are too tall for the shelves.

Remove Everything

Take everything from the cupboards and use a bleach cleaner to wipe down the surfaces. Make sure you remove any spilled items. If you want, you can put down cabinet liners as you clean up. Vinyl liners are easier to wipe up spills.

Go through the items and look for expired items. Compost them and recycle the containers. Everything else goes into a container or back into the cupboard. Place the items your mom uses the most on lower shelves that are easier for her to reach.

Free Up Counter Space

A cluttered counter can make meal preparation harder to manage. If there’s no space to set down a hot pan, the risk of dropping it or burning your hand while trying to find room increases. With a clean counter, she never has to worry about having space for kitchen prep or to place hot pans.

Put small appliances that aren’t used often in cabinets. The ones that your mom does use should be easy for her to reach. Consider moving small appliances into a pantry or cupboard with slide-out drawers. For appliances, she does use often, leave those on the counter. A coffeemaker is probably one appliance she uses daily.


Hire Caregivers to Keep Her Kitchen Clean and Organized

Keep your mom’s kitchen clean and organized by making sure she has helpers in her home. Caregivers help your mom remain independent, while also offering the helping hand she needs to stay safe.

Caregivers can cook meals for her or help her with some of the more challenging parts of meal preparation. They can clean her kitchen after a meal. Call a home care agency to discuss how much caregivers cost in her area.


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