Alzheimer’s disease does not have a cure and unfortunately, millions of people in the United States have this disease. However, if your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, there are some ways that you can help to relieve some of their symptoms.


Homecare in Smithtown NY: Alzheimer’s Disease

Homecare in Smithtown NY: Alzheimer’s Disease


There are certain activities that people with Alzheimer’s disease generally do well with. If you want to help your elderly loved one improve their cognitive functions, you should try to get them to do the activities mentioned here today.


Research shows that exercise can help people with Alzheimer’s disease to better complete daily living activities. Throughout the studies that have been done, Alzheimer’s patients who exercised regularly were able to do daily living activities easier than those who did not exercise regularly. Exercising also helped to boost the cognitive functions of these patients, as well. While exercise can help with daily living activities, it is important to know that your elderly loved one would still benefit from having elderly care providers keeping an eye on them when they exercise.

If your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, you should encourage them to take a half an hour walk a few times throughout the week. It may be beneficial if you were to create an exercise routine and exercise schedule for your elderly loved one.

Reading More

Another activity that could help your elderly loved one with their Alzheimer’s disease symptoms is reading. Not only can reading be something pleasurable for your elderly loved one to do, but it can keep their mind active, as well. Keeping the mind active and engaged is just one of the many ways to help improve cognitive functions.

If your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and you want to help them reduce the symptoms of this disease, you can have them read more. If they don’t like reading on their own, you can always have their elderly care providers read to them.


There is something special about listening to music, especially for those who have Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, research shows that those who have Alzheimer’s disease can listen to music and relieve some of their anxiety, frustrations, and stress. You can play some of your elderly loved one’s favorite music from when they were a kid, relaxing music, or something they love now.

These are some of the activities that could help relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to help boost your elderly loved one’s cognitive functions, have them start doing these activities on a regular basis.


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