It is important to know that elderly people, especially those who have neurocognitive disorders, need to have stimulation. They need to keep their brain as sharp as possible for as long as possible. There are certain things that you and your loved one’s home care providers can encourage them to do regularly to help with their stimulation.

Homecare in Bellmore NY: Senior Stimulation

Homecare in Bellmore NY: Senior Stimulation


One of the things that your elderly loved one needs to do to keep their mind and body stimulated is exercising. Research shows that exercise can help improve circulation and mental focus. You should have your elderly loved one raise their arm slowly a few times. They can then bend at their knees and bend sideways a few times, as well.

Doing Puzzles

If you are looking for a way to stimulate your elderly loved one’s mind, puzzles can help with this. Depending on the advancement of your loved one’s cognitive decline, puzzles could be a great option for them. Many elderly people can do at least a 100 piece puzzle, as long as it has multiple colors in it.

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are another great option for stimulation for elderly people. There are so many ways that these bags can be made. If you get some bags, hair gel, food coloring, and items to put in the bags, that is all that you really need. The Ziploc bags should be filled with approximately ⅓ hair gel. Then, food coloring and items can be added. The bag should be taped to prevent anything from spilling out. Your elderly loved one can play with the sensory bags when they feel stressed or anxious.

Play a Movie

One of the things that many elderly people need is dim lights. Sometimes an elderly person might get overwhelmed when their environment is too bright. It might be a great idea to sit down with your elderly loved one, after turning the lights down and turning on a movie.


If you encourage your elderly loved one to do the things mentioned above, you might see more positivity in their mood. You might see that they are able to relax more and feel more comfortable. They might experience less anxiety and stress, as well. It is important to remember that not everyone is the same in the way they respond to things.

Your elderly loved one might respond well to some of these things and not to others. Just do what you can to help your loved one find ways to help themselves feel better as much as you possibly can.


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