When your senior finally understands that driving isn’t a good idea any longer, you need to have other options ready to go. These are just a few of the different solutions that might be available for your elderly family member right now and in the near future. Your senior may like some of these options better than others, but they’re all worth investigating further.


Elder Care in Smithtown NY: Transportation Options Beyond Driving

Elder Care in Smithtown NY: Transportation Options Beyond Driving


Asking Other Relatives and Friends to Drive

One way around transportation issues for your senior is to have other relatives, including you, or friends do the driving. This can be an easy way for your senior to continue to go where she wants to go, but she may still feel awkward about it. Using this option might be best if your senior’s trips are predictable and happen at the same time each day or week.


Choosing Public Transportation Options

If your elderly family member’s area has a strong public transport system, this might be an okay solution. There are options for some public transportation options to call ahead or schedule a ride for a specific date and time. This is usually for a smaller public transportation option, like a handicapped bus or van. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether this is a good option for her.


Ride-Sharing Options

Ride-sharing has gotten a lot more popular, but mostly in urban areas. In more rural areas, this may not even be something that is available to your elderly family member. It really depends on the demand in your senior’s area as to whether this is a solution that might work well for her at all. Some ride-sharing apps have special options and pricing available for aging family members, so it’s important to do a little bit of research.


Letting Senior Care Providers Drive

One of the best options can be having senior care providers taking over the driving for your elderly family member. These are professionals who are very cognizant of the needs your elderly family member has and they can help her to safely go wherever she wants to go. Outside of transportation, they can help her in a variety of other ways, too, which may be exactly what she needs right now.

Your elderly family member may want to have all of these different options available to her, and that might be a good idea. Backup plans are really useful when it comes to caregiving.

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