As your senior’s caregiver you’re probably often looking for ways to help her to be as healthy as she can be. With COPD, that might mean that your elderly family member feels a little bit restrained in what she can do. Exercising, specifically walking, might be exactly what your elderly family member needs.


Senior Care in New Hyde Park NY: Walking With COPD

Senior Care in New Hyde Park NY: Walking With COPD

Always Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor First

Any time you’re helping your senior to make changes to how she manages her health, you should make sure to talk to her doctor. People with COPD are often advised to remain as active as they can, but it helps to get a baseline from your senior’s doctor about how much exercise is right for her. Her doctor can help you to know what to look for when she’s overdoing her exercises.

Walking Is Easy to Do as Exercise

One of the reasons that a lot of people enjoy walking is that it’s really easy to incorporate into your life as a form of exercise. There’s no special equipment or membership to anything that’s necessary. If your elderly family member is able to walk, she’s already got what she needs to walk for exercise.

Walking Is Scalable

The other appealing aspect of walking as exercise is that it’s a scalable activity. Your elderly family member may find that as she grows stronger she’s able to walk a little bit faster or she’s able to increase the distance that she walks daily. This is something that she can scale up or down as her health and her needs for activity change.

It’s a Flexible Activity

Your senior may find that she’s better able to walk outside in fresh air, with lots of different surroundings to distract her. Or she may find that it’s easier for her to walk on a treadmill, where she can control her speed exactly and remain out of the elements. No matter how your senior prefers to walk, there are options that can accommodate her.

Oxygen and Exercise Can Mix

Your elderly family member might be concerned about exercising, even walking, if she uses oxygen. But the truth is that she can exercise even if she’s on oxygen. The oxygen can help her to move better and to be less tired both while she’s exercising and afterward, which allows her to become a little stronger the more she exercises.

Your elderly family member might be a little concerned about walking more at first, but it really can give her some great benefits if her health allows it.


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