Your elderly family member may need more help now with getting dressed than she ever has in the past. This can be tough for her and for you to get used to, particularly if your senior wants to age in place and stay independent. There are some behind-the-scenes details that you can pay attention to that will make this task easier.


Home Care in Sayville NY: Dressing Your Senior

Home Care in Sayville NY: Dressing Your Senior


Go through Your Senior’s Wardrobe with Her

Most people have collected clothing over the years that at some point no longer “works.” Your senior’s clothes might not be comfortable anymore or they might be physically difficult for her to manage. Things like fasteners that are difficult or that your elderly family member can’t reach may make those pieces of clothing unappealing for her. Weeding out the clothing that she finds difficult to wear can give her a chance to focus on the clothing she does want to wear.

Organize Everything as Well as Possible

When you do have your senior’s wardrobe down to the items that are wearable, it’s important to organize them properly. There are a few ways you can do this. Keeping like items together is one answer. That might involve putting all T-shirts together, all shorts together, and so on. Or you can match entire outfits and keep each on the same hanger in the closet. Go with what seems to work best for your senior and makes as little extra work for her as possible.

Make Sure She Has Choices

One of the most important things you can do for your senior in terms of helping her to get dressed is to make sure that she has as many choices as possible. This is especially important if your elderly family member has fewer choices in other aspects of her life. Being able to make choices about her clothing can be incredibly empowering for her.

Keep Everything as Simple as Possible

You want to keep things as simple as possible. If you make things too complicated, you run the risk of alienating your elderly family member over something as simple as getting dressed. This can be far more important than you realize, particularly if she’s trying to remain as independent as she can.

There are other challenges your senior may face when it comes to getting dressed. Having some extra help from elder care providers may be what she needs to truly experience ease again with getting dressed every day.


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