Mindfulness is a learned trait where you learn to be aware of what you’re doing so that you don’t react or becoming overwhelmed. When you practice mindfulness, your actions have a positive purpose, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. For a family caregiver, mindfulness makes caregiving a positive experience for everyone.

Home Care Services in Jericho NY: Mindfulness

Home Care Services in Jericho NY: Mindfulness

Five Steps to Mindfulness

Experts recommend eight steps for practicing mindfulness. Don’t feel bad if you need weeks to start learning these techniques. It does take time, but every small change makes a difference to your mental well-being.

-Note Your Feelings: When you’re finding yourself distracted, stop, and note what was going on when the feelings of distraction hit. If you can pinpoint what makes you distracted, you’ll find it’s easier to identify and correct those feelings before they cause you stress or anxiety.

-Scan From Head to Toe: When you start feeling stressed, stop and assess your body from head to toe. Start with the feet and tense up muscles. Take a mental note of the way the muscles feel when tensed and relaxed. If you start noticing muscles are tensed up, take the steps to relax them.

-Pay Attention to Your Breathing: When you breathe, is it a shallow breath or deep one? Breathing should be deep. If your stomach moves when you breathe in, you’re doing it right. If your upper chest moves or you don’t notice anything moving at all, you need to stop and focus on deeper breaths that completely fill the lungs.

-Reflection: Stop and reflect on the things you’re proud of and that makes you a success. Reflect on the things that you’re thankful for. You might want to focus on your family or the home you bought and repaired on your own. When things seem stressful, remember all that you’ve accomplished.

-Visualize a Happy Place: Learn to visualize a place that makes you happy. If you start feeling stressed or overwhelmed, stop everything, close your eyes, and visualize that safe, happy place. It might be the sounds of the surf on a sunny beach, a gentle breeze in a meadow filled with fragrant flowers, or the gentle rocking of a porch swing at an old farmhouse.

Take Time Off When Needed

In addition to mindfulness, be a better family caregiver by knowing when you need to take time off. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, stop, clear your mind, and call a home care agency. Arrange to have home care aides come to your parents’ house and take care of them while you take a break.


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