As your elderly family member’s needs change, you may find that you’re more involved than ever in her diet and in making sure she’s eating the foods she needs to be eating. It could also mean that you’re troubleshooting what’s working and what isn’t for her diet.


Elder Care in Plainview NY: Senior Nutrition

Elder Care in Plainview NY: Senior Nutrition


Don’t Rush Meals

One of the biggest things you can do for your senior is to make sure you leave plenty of time for meals. If you’re rushing her through eating, she may be more likely to either avoid meals or to feel more stressed around even the idea of eating. Give both of you the time and space to enjoy eating, especially if you’re able to sit down and eat together.

Reconsider Portion Sizes

What kind of portion sizes are you serving up? Believe it or not, full meal portions can be intimidating for your senior. She may find eating more challenging for other reasons and that can cause her to look at a full portion differently than she used to. Smaller portions can be more manageable, both mentally and physically.


Mix up the Menu

It might also help to swap up the menu for your elderly family member. Ideally, you want her to be eating healthier foods. But it’s also important that she’s eating. That can mean including foods that she enjoys and is sure to eat along with healthy food options. It’s not always just about eating only healthy food choices.


Swap in Some Softer Choices

Does your senior have any issues with chewing and swallowing? If she does, then it might be important to start looking at textures, too. Softer foods are often easier to eat if your elderly family member is having trouble in any way. Including more of these foods can help you to determine if that’s something that needs to become a staple in her diet.

See What Her Doctor Says

It’s also a good idea to talk to your aging family member’s doctor about what’s going on with her eating habits. Let her doctor know what you’re seeing and what your senior is experiencing. There may be some changes that are necessary from a health standpoint and there may be ways to make those changes a lot easier.
Maintaining a healthy diet for your senior can feel like a lot of work. Having help from senior care providers can be a powerful way to make a difference.


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