Heart health might be one of the biggest concerns for your elderly family member at this stage of her life. If she’s experiencing any sort of heart issues, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, making changes now can give her a little bit of success with those issues.


Homecare in Jericho NY: Boost Your Senior’s Heart Health

Homecare in Jericho NY: Boost Your Senior’s Heart Health


Talk to Her Doctor about Exercise

Exercise is excellent for cardiac health. When your elderly family member is getting her blood pumping regularly, that helps to strengthen the heart, which is really just a big muscle. The trick is to do exercises that are not too taxing so that they completely wear your senior out. Always talk to her doctor before your senior starts a new exercise program. There are limitations that she needs to adhere to in order to stay as healthy as possible.


Find a Heart Healthy Diet

What your senior eats matters almost as much as whether she’s moving regularly. There are lots of different diets out there that say they’re perfect for people paying attention to heart health. Again, talk to your senior’s doctor about what she should be specifically eating. There may be other health issues that need to be balanced out with diet as well. It’s important to try to account for as much as possible.


Sleep Matters a Lot

Your senior needs rest just as much as she needs exercise. When her body rests, that’s when she’s recharging and rebuilding muscle. Sleep helps both your senior’s brain and her body to remain as healthy as possible, so you want to aim for six to eight hours of sleep per night. Some people naturally crave more or less sleep, but that’s a good general target to aim for in terms of rest.


See if There’s Anything She’s Willing to Quit

If your elderly family member smokes or engages in other vices, like eating a lot of sugar or drinking alcoholic drinks regularly, talk to her about whether she’s willing to slow down or quit. Some of the vices that most people enjoy are really tough on their hearts. Cutting back on those habits can give her heart a chance to recover a little bit of ground, especially if she’s making other heart-healthy changes.

As your senior’s caregiver, you probably worry a lot about her health in general. Keeping your senior’s heart as strong and healthy as possible can have a positive effect in other ways, too.


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